You would never understand me!!!! Have I lost myself somewhere and now trying to identify myself in mundane tasks? She thought she would become used to the predictable but forgot that it’s impossible for her unpredictable nature.

“Oh these are not solid walls!!!! Can hear what my neighbors are up to, isn’t that unusual. I used to think the homes are built by the people who will eventually live in it and share happy moments and make families. But this is a different world, someone else built it for you and you have to live in it according to their rules. I like to laugh loudly, play music on full volume, cook food and fill my house with its aroma, and have an evening tea with my family outside in lawn and so many more things ……  This was Sukuma’s constant complaint to her husband from the past two years. And during those years she became a mother so her life changed in so many senses. Both of them adores her daughter and wants every happiness for her……..contd


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