No words to express



Mischievous toddlers

one thinks that the motherhood period will end once your baby grows out of your lap, well it’s Myth. Well this stage is very confusing as far as I am experiencing. As this is a “NO” stage, with toddlers unpredictable emotions, mothers emotions can also be hard to judge. You face mixed feelings of happiness and anger, very contended with your hard work but at the same time loosing faith in your own self imagestart predicting your child’s future weather your baby will  have a bright future or not.

Random Act of kindness

“Can you keep still”, dragging here foot steps across the parking lot, mother asked her baby, whom she was carrying in her arms. ‘Just few more steps and will reach home, back to your toys and doll’ comforting her baby on her way back from her routine short trip to market. Though other purchases were in the bag hanging from her shoulders but she was also balancing a gallon water bottle in her other hand. Her situation was not less then a circus acrobat.

when she reached near her house, suddenly the bottle slipped from her hand onto the ground. It was the most difficult bend to pick it up again while carrying a baby and hanging grocery bag. ‘Mam take this you will need it to carry your water bottle as its holding strap is no more there’, she heard a man walking towards her while carrying a small cloth bag. When she gained her conscious after this little accident she observed that he was homeless man and was offering whatever best he can share to help her. This random act of kindness gave her a surreal feeling and restored her faith in humanity. She felt very thankful and thought that it’s not how much wealthy you are but how wealthy and generous your heart is.